is the product of processing composted organic cattle manure with the assistance of earthworms Staratel, also known as vermicompost.  
This 100% organic fertilizer contains the whole balanced complex of essential nutrients and microelements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth-promoting hormones. It also contains a lot of humic substances. Plant Power is a unique microbiological fertilizer with the community of useful soil microorganisms improving soil fertility. 
Plant Power instructions for use.pdf
GreenTOP® PLANT POWER concentrate

is vermicompost in liquid form. It consists of the same ingridients as solid one.  It is very covinient to water plants with  Plant Power concentrate. Plants are able to get nutrients also through their leaves. 
Plant Power concentrate instructions for use.pdf 

Available in Estonia:
-Interbauen e-shop
-Juhani Puukool/Viimsi istikuäri
- Espak AS Viadukti 42, Tallinn, Espak stores in Tartu, Pärnu, Paide, Viljandi, Võru and Põlva
- Aianduskeskus Hansaplant
-Nurmiko  in Saku
-Lillekeskus  Pärnus
-Kuusk AE OÜ Pärnus
-Lõunakeskuse Taluturg Tartus
-Pärnu Keskuse Taluturg
- Puruvana kauplus Kosel
- Kolu shop in Kose county 
- Arleenike OÜ flower shop in Kohila Vabaduse street 3
-Rapla Talupood
-Aed ja Kodu in Jõgeva

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