Why did we start organic farming? In 2008, a man from Tartu came up with an idea to start growing earthworms. After studying a bit, he found suitable animals from Russia, where professor Igonin had bred a breed of earthworms with a great appetite, that means- productive and very reproductive. The name of the earthworms is Staratel, that means gold-digger. The name is a direct hint - they produce black earth- black gold. Earthworms eat composted organic manure and enrich it in their digestive tract with numerous enzymes. Vermicompost contains a large amount (up to 32% in dry matter) of the humus substance and micro-organisms, useful for soil restoration and plants.
For various reasons, this project was a little bit ahead of time and in 2015, it was reincarnated in Tuhala , because the earthworms and production technology were as good as they can be. A simple principle, to which we gave a visual form, was decisive: healthy soil, healthy fruit, healthy people.

Yes, it's just that simple: if you want to be healthy, then you have to eat clean food, because a person consists of what he eats. When your food is poisoned with various soup of chemicals, you will not live long. By cultivating a healthy, clean and organic food for yourself, there is no need for doctors. We want to share this utmost important knowledge with our friends and friends of friends, and so on. Organic farming is our future!