Tips for using  GreenTOP® Plant Power 


Mix up to 10% of GT Plant Power with your existing soil. 
- Plant Power is a unique microbiological fertiliser that inhabits a beneficial community of soil microorganisms that produce soil fertility.
- GT Plant Power contains of plant nutrients and trace elements, enzymes, vitamins, natural plant growth hormones in a balanced combination.
-GT Plant Power has a high humic substances content.
-Plants consume GT Plant Power fertiliser easily and gradually throughout their development cycle. It is slightly soluble.
-Plants will get the nutrients from GT Plant Power for 3...5 years.
-It is  important not to mix different fertilisers to GT Plant Power, this can cause overdosing of nutrients and end with leaves turn brown or yellow etc.
- GT Plant Power does not contain pathogenic microflora, helminth eggs, weeds and unbinded heavy metals.  
- GT Plant Power increases and improves the quality of the crop, makes fruits more tasteful.
- It also has a positive effect on flowers, making their roots stronger and blossoms more attractive. 

Tips for using  Green TOP® Plant Power growth stimulator concentrate  

- GT Plant Power concentrate must be diluted in water before use.
Add GT Plant Power 1:50 to water for watering through soil or roots.
Add GT Plant Power 1:100 to spray on leaves.

-GT Plant Power concentrate is a complex of natural, ecologically clean and safe nutrients, humic substances, plant growth and development stimulators.
-The use of GT Plant Power concentrate has a positive effect on plant growth, metabolic and photosynthetic processes, promotes the growth of crops of all kinds of plants.
-The bactericidal properties of GT Plant Power concentrate are due to bacteriostatic proteins secreted by the earthworms themselves and by symbiotic micro-organisms in the earthworm gut.
-GT Plant Power concentrate allows to produce high quality and ecologically pure or organic agricultural crops and to reduce the losses while storing.
-GT Plant Power concentrate accelerates and provides additional energy for seed germination.
-GT Plant Power concentrate stimulates plant root formation and general growth. 
-GT Plant Power concentrate raises plant immunity. 
- GT Plant Power concentrate lowers nitrate concentration in fruits. 
-GT Plant Power concentrate increases vitamin, protein and sugar content in fruits. 
-GT Plant Power concentrate promotes long-term preservation of freshly cut flowers.
-GT Plant Power concentrate acts as a pest control product thanks to a special substance chitinase in it.